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Can someone please explain to me what POD farms do exactly?

oh and AXE FX.
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Pod Farm = Software based multifx.
Axe FX = Hardware based multifx
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Quote by Conordopolos

Can someone please explain to me what POD farms do exactly?

pod farm simulates an entire guitar setup (minus the guitar). it allows you to pick what pedals you wanna use and in what order, then you can pick an amp and the settings. can't remember if it lets you run stuff through an effects loop, but i think you can choose what speaker cabinet you use. it may even let you choose what mic you'd use on the cabinet as well.

amplitube lets you do all that stuff. it is basically an effects program that emulates real world stuff and place as though it were real.

amplitube and podfarm are both software programs you run on your computer.

Quote by Conordopolos
oh and AXE FX.

axe fx does the same thing as the software listed above, but it is like a standalone hardware solution. instead of running all that software on a computer, axefx has all the hardware in a box and the software is loaded into it. you don't need a computer with axefx.

the nice thing about axefx is the software can be optimized to the hardware, and the hardware is specialy picked to perform audio signal processing.

it's kinda like the difference between choosing a normal car and ugrading it for racing performance and just buying a car designed from the ground up for racing performance.
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anyone else find amplitube to be light years ahead of pod farm? i only have the free version of amplitube and i can get nearly unlimited excellent tones from just the JCM800 model while I can't get pod farm 2.5 (or whatever it's at) to ever sound good. just me?

BTW I returned my HD500 too, way too fizzy.
BTW+1 I play metal pretty much exclusively.
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