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FWIW, Tesla has a bunch of small (audio only) samples on their website.

However, since you specifically asked about Tesla & metal:

And while I agree that Bareknuckles are great- esp. since I'm ordering some for an upgrade- they're pricier than some of the other options, and there was mention of price being somewhat of an issue.
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Price isn't really an issue, but if two pickups sound almost the same and one is $100 cheaper than the other, I'll buy the cheaper of the two. However, if there's a night and day difference between the Bare Knuckless and the others I'm looking at, I'll definitely consider them. From what I've heard on youtube, the Bare Knuckles sound really nice, but I'm not sure it's noticeably better than the Seymour Duncan or Dimarzios. I know youtube isn't the ideal place to hear pickups, but it's all I have at the moment.

I came across this video that compares a lot of the SD pickups. I really like the sound of the Distortion, Custom, and Custom 5. The Custom sounds absolutely insane! It has just the right amount of mid scoop to me. It sounds like it's halfway between the distortion and the Custom 5. The Distortion is definitely a close second to the Custom.
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The Custom is halfway between the Distortion and the Custom 5. The Distortion is wound brighter and the Custom 5's alnico magnet makes it warmer, hence the Custom is an equal middle ground.
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I don't know what amps they're using in that video, but I would assume the Distortion would sound a little better through my amp than the Custom since the Dual Rectifiers are pretty dark sounding
Look up Nightwish, especially a live performance. Emppu Vuorinen uses SD Customs in all his guitars and plays through Mesa Dual Rectifiers. If anything, his tone is very bright.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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I would also look into Wolfetone pickups. Give him a call he is a nice as hell guy easy to work with and produces pickups that are second to none.

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I love Nightwish. I saw them live a while back and his tone blew me away. Maybe the Custom is a good choice for me. I'll look into Wolfetone pickups, too.
That Wolfetone Blisterbucker sounds pretty f'ing sweet in the video I found. I can't find any other audio clips, though.
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