Looking for a hard rock drummer that I can send music to and he can add drum tracks to that music and send back to me - kinda like a postal service thing.

Basically I don't have time for a full fledged band, having a full time job and children so for now this is just a hobby me and my friends have but we don't have a drummer friend with similar interests. I've been doing the drums with programs and they just don't feel right.

If interested first check out: purevolume.com/amelodysmartyr

This is a few tracks I posted a couple years back and will give you a feel for what type of music we like.

If you know of a different place where I can look for online drummers, it would be greatly appreciated.

Email me: Mustangz1999@hotmail.com
I'm an electronic music producer (not a drummer) I've got pretty good programming skills when it comes to drums if you'd like me to put some to your tracks, you can email at jrm2011@live.com. do you have the recordings multi tracked?
STrying a few out to see how it goes but still looking, please let me know.