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Do you think Death or Metallica had a bigger impact on how metal evolved?
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Its too hard to say.

To be honest, the richness of european metal suggests it was purely Celtic Frost.

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Well, seeing as Metallica was probably a lot more popular back in the day (and still is), they probably influenced more bands and people.
Death is a lot less known.

I started playing guitar AND listening to metal because of Metallica.
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Good question. In my perspective, Metallica had a much broader influence & Death was more focused in their impact.

Every Death fan has heard of Metallica, but not all Metallica fans have heard of Death. Metallica has an uncanny ability to influence people toward the metal genre and to make them want to play guitar in the first place. However, due to the sheer number of people that are influenced by them, you end up having so many musicians who clone the style that it creates a lot of the same sounds & generic blob of music.... many bands playing almost exactly the same style as each other.

Death, on the other hand, will have influence on a much smaller audience, BUT! a few individuals will take away a big part of that sound & have a keen understanding of the style, and those musicians may have more- "potency" if you will- in their ability to create new songs/albums/bands, etc

Basicially, if you're looking at the "big picture" of the genre, Metallica is the more influential band, but if you zoom in on certain aspects of the genre, Death can have a bigger impact than Metallica.

It's all about perspective, I guess.