I am getting on fairly well with my guitar having had it for around 10 weeks now and every time i pick it up ilearn something new i can do with it, i am however constantly plagued with my fingers muting out adjacent strings when i try to appegiate a chord, any idea's how to keep the fleshy parts of my fingers off adjacent strings please? i have tried cocking my wrist forward but it hurts so bad i can only do it for a couple of minutes at a time and it's not always successful

Curl your fingers more and get your thumb off the fretboard. Thumb should lay across the back of the neck
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This might help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcIZaZthqbg But it is largely a matter of playing a while until you have control over what your fingers are doing; you haven't been playing long at all so right now you lack a lot of the fine motor control you need to really get guitar right.
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