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I'm looking to sell my '07 greeny-bluey Ibanez Xiphos, as I've decided (after much internal debate) to settle down and become a one-guitar man.

The guitar's finish is in mint condition - no chips, and only a very small amount of oxidisation on the chrome finished parts around the pickups.

Specs are as original:

Neck : 5pc Wizard II thru-neck
Body : Mahogany body
Frets : 24 Jumbo frets
Fingerboard : Bound Rosewood Inlay : Reverse Sharktooth
Bridge : Ibanez Edge III tremolo
Neck Pickup : DiMarzio® D Activator neck
Bridge Pickup : DiMarzio® D Activator bridge
Comes with a hard case (handy for such a spikey thing).

I'll upload pics as soon as I find them, but this gives you an idea of the colour:

I won't ship the guitar for now, but I can probably arrange to get it to the following places via family members, so you can try before buying:

Swindon (guitar's current location)

I also have a Zoom G5 multi effects pedal of a similar age, which I'd be willing to consider offers for. It can be connected to a computer easily so it also doubles as a simple recording device. It has small valves in its pre-amp circuitry which mean it sounds much nicer than a lot of multi-effects in a similar price range.

Again, I'll get pictures of mine up soon, but this is the version I have:

Drop me a PM if you're interested in finding out more. The guitar and pedal would make an ideal christmas pressie for any young metalheads out there!
Bump and edit: it appears my pedal is the Zoom G9.2tt, which I think is the predecessor to the G5. Apologies for the incorrect initial post.
Photos are here! Here's one sample for the guitar and the pedal:


Zoom pedal (with box):

And here are a couple of .zip files containing other photos of both the pedal and guitar. The blemishes on the metal pickup surround can be seen quite clearly (slightly exaggerated from the exposure), and I've included photos of all four pointy bits to show that the paint finish is mint.

The colour is very interesting, because it ranges from green to blue via purple depending on the angle you view the guitar from. Hopefully some of that comes through in the photos.

Guitar .zip file:

Pedal .zip file:

Also, I would be happy to post the pedal (at the buyer's expense).
Might be interested in the Xiphos man. I've just had an order for a guitar go tits up so now I'm on the hunt for something else. I'm undecided as of yet but will keep this as a possibility for sure. How much for shipping? I'm in Cambridgeshire (not that that matters!)
Hi Mattayus,

I think the parcel will be about 12kg (don't have it with me right now to check), so it'll be about £36 with parcelforce (guaranteed 48hr delivery + insurance up to £500). Depending on which side of Cambridgeshire you are though, doing an exchange in person might be an option (if you would consider meeting half way).

Feel free to drop me a PM if you decide you want to take this further. If I haven't replied within a couple of days it's probably because I haven't been able to get to my forum messages, so just give me a prod on here and I'll give you my e-mail address instead.
Thanks - I managed to find your PM after a little hint for my inbox. If you want to carry on conversing, I think e-mails may be best
Guitar is still available.

The question from Mattayus reminded me of something I should have mentioned in the initial post: I haven't adjusted the strap pointson the guitar, which for this age model means that the guitar neck drops when standing up. This hasn't been an issue for me, because the few times I have played standing up I used a strategically-placed bit of string to adjust the way the strap hangs, thus sorting out the balance issue. A more permanent solution involves moving the strap point on the largest spike inboard a bit, either by drilling a new hole for it in a better place (guides available online) or by using one of the backplate holes (take out a cover screw and stick the strap point in there).
I have one of these guitars, in the other colour, put some bare knuckles in these and they sound sweet.

This price is a steal for the guitar. I love mine
Running through:

Engl Fireball
Engl Slanted Cab
Ibanez Xiphos
Schecter C-1 FR Black
Ibanez GRG (on its way)

Boss Noise Gate, Zakk Wylde Overdrive, Boss Tuner, Zakk Wylde Wah.
Thanks for the complimentary post

I had priced it at what I thought was a reasonable figure for it, and the ones listed on ebay atm seem to be listed at over £400. However, as ebay charge an insertion fee (and I don't think I'd get £450 + shipping for it), I'll drop the price:

XPT700 - £390 shipped
Zoom G9.2tt - £115 (ono) shipped

This gives me the same amount I would get from an ebay sale at £400, and reduces the total cost for any buyer Price can be dropped if it doesn't need to be shipped.
Bump. Guitar will come with a free pack of ernie ball super slinky strings now I should probably put it up on ebay soon.
Might be interested providing one of my guitars ships,

have you had any issues with the Edge 3 at all?
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A couple of years ago I had some tuning issues with it. For some reason the g-string (tee hee) kept slipping (more tee hee), but I sorted that out by lowering the string guide bar on the headstock. There weren't any grooves in the nut, so I'm afraid I don't know why it went from being ok to needing the guide bar. I also had to file the knife edges down because they developed some notches in them. Compared to the trem I was used to, this was high maintenance (I didn't have to touch my RG's edge for the 10 years I had it).

Of all the bits on the guitar, the trem is undoubtedly the bit Ibanez skimped on when putting it together. I did look into replacement options, and I think there was one floyd that would've fitted in the existing trem space. If you're planning on keeping this as a main axe for many years, I'd say a trem upgrade would be well worth the investment. If not, then the current trem is fine so long as you take it out and give it a rub once every couple of years.

Also, I've been asked to sell a starter bass guitar (Westfield) for a family friend. Will upload pics in a bit, but it's a standard starter bass with peavey amp and an old zoom effects pedal. Collection only from Swindon/Oxford area, open to offers for the three as a lot.

XPT700 - £349
Zoom G9.2tt - £99
Westfield bass with peavey amp and old zoom pedal - £50

Bump again.

Video creation stalled... well, never got started. Here's another pic though, which shows the blue end of the colour spectrum in this guitar's paint finish.
I've sent you a PM. I should get an e-mail notification when/if you reply to my PM, but if I haven't got back to you within a few days it means the UG messaging system has played sillybuggers so give me a prod on this thread.
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