So I got frustrated with the lack of good transcription apps out there and decided to have my own app made.

The app is a really simple one screen interface. You touch a guitar and it builds a tab on the fly. It doesn't ask you for a time signature or anything, so you just press a button to insert bars and sections where you want.

And it's got a barre chord mode, so you can tab out major and minor barre chords in all 5 CAGED shapes.

Also, I put in a cool feature where you can "play" the tab like a drum machine. You touch anywhere on the TAB and it plays whats under your finger for as long as you hold it down. So you can check how your tab sounds.

After you're done tabbing a song out, it emails it to you.

Is anyone interested in this?

Message me if you want to get a copy of it. It's an iPad app.
I'm pretty sure this is considered spam. But if it's in the App Store I'd be willing to give it a try
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