just buy a chinese cheapest guitar from somebody, totally junk....anybody buy guitar from this website but WITH GOOD LUCK????

Before you buy anything at a website for the first time, always do a quick background check of the site itself. Why not use ebay or guitar center? Or a local shop?

Anyway, it looks like the site makes no promises to ban scammers, or to ensure a refund for you if the item is a bait-and-switch. Which a lot of them are, apparently. It's based on china, which should be a HUGE red flag for you. Buying direct from a chinese factory or even a chinese ebay seller might be one thing (I wouldn't even do that), but this is waaay more risky.

I don't really understand your complaint, however. You bought a cheap chinese guitar from a disreputable chinese auction website from a nameless chinese seller shipping from China, the land of scams and legal loopholes, and you complain because the guitar you got is terrible? From the substance of the other negative reviews describing the kinds of scams on ioffer, you should be happy the seller didn't send you an empty roll of toilet paper instead of the guitar.