I love my Mesa/Boogie Mark III but I'm in a band now that plays in a lot of basement shows where it's difficult bringing around the heavy ass combo and speaker cabinet. After a lot of consideration I finally decided to settle for a lunchbox sized low watt tube amp. However, my go-to music store that isn't guitar center doesn't have any amps like this so after some research I really can't tell which one would be most suitable for my needs.

What I'm Looking For: Loud enough to be heard over drummer with 212 cabinet, British-voiced, and a decent amount of gain on tap(JCM 800-ish), and compact.

Versatility is not really something I'm too concerned about as long as I can get it to sound good on recordings with an EQ pedal. I just need a warm, loud, clear tone. The type of music I'm going to be playing with it is hard rock/hardcore (think Queens of The Stone Age) so no "br00tz"
So far I've been mostly considering the Marshall Class 5, Vox Night Train, Egnater Rebel, and Tiny Terror. What do you guys think from your experience? Price isn't really an issue since most lunch boxes are under a grand.
i haven't tried it, but i'm guessing the krank 1980 jr might be worth a look.
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Some of the old Marshall transistor heads are great, the Master Lead/Mosfet series. They're really lightweight and reliable, and some of them are very compact, like the 2098.