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Hey guys, I'm looking at some recommendations for a new electric guitar. I've got an old Monterey stage series strat copy that I don't like and so am looking to buy a new electric with the incoming xmas cash. Looking at spending ~$700-900 AUS. Mainly I'm an acoustic fingerstyle player.

I'll use it to play rock, punk and maybe some metal.

Preferably looking for something with 2 humbucker setup, but as long as it doesn't have a middle pickup I'll consider it. Preferably I would avoid getting active pickups.

I've been looking at the epiphone std and tribute 2010 model. Anyone got any experience with those or have any recommendations?
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I don't know how much they are in Aus but if it fits in your budget then a Gibson SG. They aren't quite as well known as a Les Paul but they sound absolutely amazing and will do pretty much any genre you want. They do things like Blues, Rock, Punk and Metal especially well though.

If an actual Gibson SG doesn't fit into your budget then the Epiphone G400 pro SG is amazing for the money and sounds phenomenal, use what you have left to get a new amp.