can you guys name some good branded harmonicas under that price? i was thinkin of learning harmonica. can be carried anywhere !
Whatever instrument, for whatever reason, you should never go for a cheap instrument.
If your heart lies in music, and in this case, harmonica, by one, no matter the price, even if it's just for learning.
ill start learning so obviously you can't expect me to spend hundreds of dollars on a harmonica just now. i wanna give it a shot. and as i learn ill get to know the ins and outs of harmonicas which is not possible right now so yea something cheaper will get me goin.
I was going to recommend the Hohner "Special 20", which used to go for right around 20 bucks and is very nice... They have gone up a bit since and now retail for around 30.
If you can spare the extra 10 bucks it's a good harp... The plastic body resists swelling due to moisture.
If you just want to get started, you can pick up the Marine Band still for only a few bucks.