I need a book with grate detail. It needs to be easy to comprehend. I do not know music theory jargon so it needs to be as basic as it gets. Preferably a work book but any thing will help. If you know of a good FREE site please post.
What helped you learn?
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For the most part i used this site and it keeps things pretty simple and easy to understand and all the lessons build on each other for the most part and you'll learn most of them fancy music theory words. http://www.musictheory.net/
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The above site is great. I also used the Idiot's Guide to Music Theory.
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if you are in college i would take a music theory course. i put ~6 years in for an MBA and in then next year will start working on a degree in music of some form.

but if you want to learn it right IMO thats when you take the course. if you want to learn it just pertaining to the guitar, the book or aforementioned website may be better for you. some of the college music theory at the college level doesn't really address guitar, but IMO learn it from the bottom up, then try using a book for more guitar related theory.

that is what i would personally do.
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