Hello everyone,

I am going to buy one processor within this month .. But which one is best , Pod xt , Pod hd 300, Korg AX3000G Or Zoom G5 ??

I tested pod xt and korg already from shop and i really liked Korg ax3000g ... but i heard that Korg dont produced good output on recording ... Is this correct (I have some recording session thats y its important to know)

Thanks in advanced
If you're recording, I'd keep away from the multi effects. Get a decent tube amp instead.
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If you're recording, I'd keep away from the low-end multi-fx. Get an Axe-FX instead

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i dont own any of the products youve stated, but ive read alot in forums that, pod hd 300<zoom g5<pod hd 500. By the way g5 looks kinda cool, i dont know about the sound.
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The i5-3570k is the people's champion right now.

Nope, there's a few better ones. Xeon chips are always better than the ones marketed for desktop use, and they use the same sockets.

Intel's Sandy Bridge Xeon E5 4650 currently has the highest clock frequency from what I can tell. Ivy bridge is bound to surpass this sooner or later of course.

21.6 GHz total clock speed on that one. The 3570K is only 13.6. Just being Ivy Bridge architecture doesn't make up for that 8 GHz difference; although tri-gate transistors are the way of the future now.


Oops, nevermind. I found one that's even better: Xeon E5 2690 @ 23.2 GHz. Damned wikipedia making me look around...
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