I was wondering if you guys thought I should get the Prs Se Custom.

I never play metal or hard rock.....I never use heavy distortion.
I mostly play jazz and blues.
I like good clean tones (and slightly dirty tones)
I like clean sounding/articulate guitars....not high-output and muddy.

Do you think the Prs SE custom would be good for me?

Check out the PRS SE semi-hollow
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Have you tried playing one yet? That's the only way you'll know if it's good for you. What is good for one person is not the same as what is good for another person.

All the other equipment you'll be playing it with have an impact to how it will sound, as will your playing style & technique.

Go try one, then you'll know the answer.
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How about a Strat or Tele?
Or something with P90s?
Or something like a Gretsch Electromatic?
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How about 2012 Les paul?
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I have the SE single cut and it will certainly give you soem lovely tones for the genres you have said. I use mine for mostly clean Blues, Jazz, Funk but it also handles distortion very well.
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I use my PRS (albeit it's a custom CE) for everything. I only bring the strat out when I want that hendrix mojo. You have to go play it and see if it's right for you. The necks are different.
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TS what amp do you have? If you had a Vox AC30 and a BC Rich, you could probably get decent jazz sounds with a "metal" guitar.
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The PRS can do anything it's a wonderful guitar. Best guitars in the mid level price range. The Semi Hollow would be worth looking into as well though.
just give me a fender and let me rip
Highly recommend the Custom Semi-hollow. Lightweight, solid construction, great neck, great price. I dropped a set of Dream 90's into mine because I didn't care much for the stock humbuckers, but I love everything else about the guitar.