I am a guitarist/vocalist looking for members to form a black metal band in the GTA, preferably Brampton. At the moment, I have two potential vocalists, so although you're more than welcome to send auditions, I am looking more specifically for another guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Although I am very open to all ideas, I am going for an approach similar to the likes of bands such as Dark Funeral and Marduk, while dabbing into other styles to inspire a creative and original twist.

My goal for this band is to write and record a few solid demos, and eventually (sooner rather than later) begin rehearsing for live performances. Although any musical/recording/performing experience would be an asset, all I ask is that you're dedicated and have a copy of Guitar Pro for bouncing writing ideas around.

As for recording, I do not own the equipment to record drums; however, I will be purchasing an electric drumkit for said purposes.
Everyone must own their own gear!

Feel free to send me any auditions. If you'd like a guitar pro file to audition something I've written, let me know.


Hey man. At the moment, I'm really only looking for somewhat local musicians who can participate in regular practice and near-future gigging. However, you seem to have some cool ideas, so maybe after we get the ball rolling I can give you a shout and see if you can make a guest appearance on a demo recording.
If you want to keep up with my personal solo project, you can just look up "Honeybjorn" just about anywhere.

i found your demos on youtube they are great music ill be waiting for the future collaboration project \m/