I'm thinking of buying a new MIM Tele off of music123, but after reading a fair amount of reviews I'm curious if any of you have used the site before and have an opinion? (some reviews here: [forbidden link]) Their price match program seems to be a great value.

Fwiw, websites such as these tend to have a bit of a bias in the reviewer pool, as people tend to speak up more when they're angry as opposed to pleased...
I bought a couple pedals from them (the Daddy-O and Chicken Salad) and had no problems whatsoever.
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Yeah, they're legit. I've bought a few things from them and they're no different from Musician's Friend, Zzounds, etc.
if i buy online thats where i go. has been for the last ten years.

if you didn't know GC, M123, and MF are all owned buy the same parent company.

i have had problems with M123 in the past (no more than MF), none major, but they always resolve them and quite well and timely.
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