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Similar doesn't equal the same, or even close. For most of the genres you listed (except maybe Metalcore), the production can be similar but very different. Try doing some basic mixing sometime. That doesn't even account for the huge stylistic differences between, say..."Death Metal" and "Black Metal".

The same cannot be said of pop music. Pop music tends to be very simplistic; thus, very easy to manipulate.

That may be true. I'm not saying my opinion is the end all be all. I'm just saying that you can't say that pop music is so disgustingly recipe formulated there are parts of nearly every genre that can be that way. was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
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loved the dream theater - PSY one

Concerning my video, I'm pretty sure some songs were adjusted for tempo and pitch, even with pop its impossible to get some 40+ songs that just sound so similiar to make such a clean job with the masup.
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