Hi guys!
I want to tune my guitar a hole step down (D-G-C-F-A-D). I use a digital tuner model WST-523 cherub. When i want to tune the C and the F, the tuner does not display them. Per example when i want to tune the D chord in C, the tuner goes from B to D. I think that i'm doing something wrong. Can someone help me?
Some tuners only show notes that have corresponding strings.

Here's a trick to get around it:

1. Put a capo on the 2nd fret (if you don't have a capo, just make sure you're fretting the 2nd fret each time to pluch the string)

2. With the capo (or finger) in place, tune the guitar as normal. The tuner will show that each string is waaayyy too sharp. Tune down accordingly.

3. Remove capo (or finger) and voila, full step down.

For other tunings, remember that each fret is one step, so far half a step down, capo on 1st fret. This isn't a 100% pitch perfect way to do it because capo placement can be dodgy but it works 95% of the time.
The tuner you have should be chromatic (and so show all notes) May be there is a button that activates the chromatic mode (or jumps between modes?)

edit: just found the tuner. With the "item" button go to instruments that have the note you want (it can do violin, guitar, ukelele in D and C)

For example ukelele in C is G, C, E, A so you can get your C string tuned perfectly and then tune the other strings accordingly.
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