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It's tough keeping a band together. There are reasons why?

Let's start a list of reasons and see if we can learn how to avoid these issues in our next band.

I'll start...

1. The lead singer was a jerk

2. We all weren't at the same skill level
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No gigs, sex, drugs, the usual.

Damn groupies, loved them, got IN THE WAY.

and then it evolved and mutated slowly then quickly into hangers on and shit and just random people and their GFs and who ever, and all that drugs, it's like a mind **** just thinking about it.

Good ol' Scream Studios.
We broke up because our agent convinced our front man he was better off without us. So he left us and went on to become a successful solo artist.
Because the drummer got stabbed.
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The singer was into pop, the other guitarist was a grunge man, the bassist just sat on top of his amp all the time, I was into rock and the drummer just did whatever the **** he wanted.
No one was motivated to do anything with it after we lost our space to rehearse. It kinda all fell apart before we even began to go anywhere.
We never made it past the writing stage and, couldn't decide much on the covers, I think we got one, and I had to learn it, but I did and we played it (with my drummer, of course). - Manson's Sweet Dreams.
I was the egomaniac-istic solo guitarist.
And drummer couldn't count to 8.
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I was the egomaniac-istic solo guitarist.
And drummer couldn't count to 8.

Can any of em?

But seriously I have massive respect for good drummers, but if a drummer isn't pretty good, he probably sucks. There rarely seems to be an inbetween.
Singer decided to change the bands genre from being a thrash metal to a southern rock genre, needless to say since we are from new jersey that didn't go well....
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I got really drunk and was kicked out of the venue we were supposed to play, this eventually led to us just giving up... still really good friends with them all except the singer, we never really liked him.
The bassist/singer was always late for rehersals and was an egomaniac
The lead guitarist discovered he had stage 4 lung cancer.
The drummer was always too drunk and high to even keep a beat.
Some of the practices were fun but never really productive.
Drummer was shit and we had conflicting musical tastes, we're all still mates though and are now living in the same house so we may give it another shot
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In my first and most serious band we broke up after College.

It was bummer. All 3 of us lived in a house together and met at art school. I put up a notice my first week looking for a drummer and he ended up being a great friend. We played clubs and had parties, wrote songs, just loved it. Then when we graduated we all got jobs and GFs and it stayed together for a year or so. Sad. Now I live thousands of miles from there.
The bassist sucks ass and we would kick him out but we get free food because of him.
I never really had a band that did anything. In high school, me and a few friends messed around with forming a band. We even met a few times, and gave ourselves a name (which I've since taken, since I wrote most of the song material). As a result, "Insane Funeral" is now my solo project. I've finally decided to stop sitting on my ass with all the songs I have and actually do some DIY recording.
Drummer spent more time at Drumline than in practice, and the singer let his girlfriend make his schedule for him.
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The bassist sucks ass and we would kick him out but we get free food because of him.

sound reasoning
We always had trouble with band members. Drummers are completely nonexistent in the area, and college started, so we all got caught up in that shit. Besides, we were all of different skill levels and we just flat-out sucked and had little to no chemistry as bandmates.

We're still good chums, however.
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Everybody saw it as a joke except for me

Know that feeling....

Last one was a Cover Band in Las Vegas. It broke up because I had to serve my country in Charlottesville VA of all places....
They kept going for a few practices, but they all quit within a month.
The shitty part was, despite feeling sad about it for them....I felt this ego-maniacal twang of pleasure that I was THAT important to them that we could go strong for 8 months, and then it falls apart when I leave

Current one is great, except that we don't have a Real lead guitarist nor a bassist.
We sound like a mix of LoG, Machine Head, a touch of Hatebreed, and a pinch of Slayer and we already have 9 original songs in 4 months.
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The band I had with a bunch of my college buddies just parted ways.

One got married and moved away, while another moved away for an internship. Someone joined the military, and me and the other both left for different places to finish school.

We still keep in touch though, and we'll most likely get together and jam if we're ever all in the same city at once.
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I had the blankest year,
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1st band: The drummer began having an affair with the guitarists wife
2nd band: The guitarist (same as above) got a new girlfriend and moved to Oregon
3rd band: The drummer (same as above) hated King Crimson, Queen, & Random Hold
Rhythm Guitarist was a jerk... Made shit up about me. Told him to shove it basically after the 5th time and the band never had a practice again after that, being the only bassist they knew. Felt like a ego heavy jerk for a while too
No one had time for practice, we didn't get a second PA system after our first one broke, no one was dedicated enough to finish writing songs after someone brought in an idea or something...
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There were several reasons leading towards our bands demise. First and foremost I'd say that our singer didn't actually like any of our music, so f*ck if I know why he even wanted to stay in the band. He hardly ever showed up to rehearsal. We had trouble getting everybody together every week, a lot of time only two or three of us would be there.

We had a lot of sound issues, but I don't think that directly caused us to break up, it just made us less motivated, because we knew no matter what we did, it would just kinda sound like crap. (It wasn't the songs, it was just our gear mostly.)

We had some ego trouble. I was the "Every song needs 3 guitar solos" lead guitarist, our bassist would always turn up his amp so that he was the loudest, and he only shreds on the bass, even if its an acoustic ballad. (Several years later he's still barely getting over that.) Our drummer always played as loud as physically possible, which was really only a problem at gigs. And our singer didn't like the parts I wrote for him, but refused to write his own because he didn't like the music. The only one who didn't have a problem was our rhythm guitarist, but sometimes he would just refuse to play.

The final nail in the coffin was our drummer moving to Pennsylvania, but really we hadn't played for half a year when he left. That just keeps us from getting back together, because I think we've all matured a lot now.
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The bassist, drummer, and rhythm guitarist were all stoners. The lead guitarist hated drugs. Now the lead and,rhythm guitarist are writing 80's glam.rock

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The vocalist and I (the lead guitarist) moved across the state in opposite directions to go to college. We decided to end the band since we'd never get to practice more than like 5 times in 4 months and we lacked that amount of obsessive compulsive ambition.

Basically college. That was all it was.
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The bassist couldn't tune to drop G#.
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The singer was involved in a very serious car crash a couple of years ago. He was irreplaceable, I doubt he'll be fully recovered someday
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The bassist couldn't tune to drop G#.

We had the same problem with our bassist, except for we needed him to tune to drop E. We now play without a bass guitar in our music.
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