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I caught the bass player jerking it in my mom's bathroom.
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Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.
singer was a jerk, different muscial tastes and it was in the middle of a period where i couldn't get myself to practice.
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
Bassist was the biggest douche ever, anything else besides metal was gay to him. He would play metallica and slayer riffs sloppily (and other small sections of other metal songs on his big ass huge and loud bass amp), couldn't learn a complete song, in his own mind he was the hot shit. He played everything in upstrokes and sloppy tremolo picking. Pretty much everyone hated him in the band, but we tried to tolerate him because he could get us gigs...

The other guitarist was a stoner, only showed up to 1/2 of the practices, very unreliable.

Drummer was the bassist s best friend, and as big as a douche as him. He would get into fights with him regularly (physical fights)

We had also some ego issues - who would play the solos etc. The bassist even wanted to participate in the solos, with his digitech guitar (!!) distortion pedal, man he sounded like shit
Our bassist showed up to our first practice without his bass, so we just played Halo 3 co-op instead. The band thing just wasn't meant to be.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
First band, we were all pretty young, but got reasonably well known on the local scene, playing as a grungey power trio, we went through a few drummers, and really it was the guitarist/singers band, he wrote the songs, etc
But I was cool with that, I liked his songs, until he wanted us to become The Klaxons (remember Nu-Rave? and How bad it was?) and I was offered a slot in another band, just to help out with some gigs for a month or so, I even organised practices for both bands to be on different says etc etc, but he just took exception to me playing bigger venues and such and split the band.
We did a reunion gig a few years back, remembered the old songs, had a great crowd, it was fun, but it'd run its course.

Second band fell apart because our drummer couldn't drum, our producer told us to fire him or he would, and then he went and fooled around with, and later screwed my girl friend at the time...then had a massive go at me when I casually mentioned it to his ex (who was friends with the other girl at the time) because he was also trying to get back with her and I "Ruined his chances"...DOUCHEBAG and the worst drummer I've ever played with...
Once turned round to me and said "I can't really hear bass frequencies, but I reckon I'm at least as good as Dave Grohl was around Nevermind..."

The guitarist and I actually had to leave the room
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I'm just joking Moog. you know nothing can tear our friendship apart, not even the fact we are miles apart, I am right there beside you, yelling, "Chug it, ya little wimp!"
drummer and me didn't like each other one bit, and we were the ones that wrote the music

consequently, the music sucked (more than it should have). i didnt like working with him, the guy didnt even know what a time signature was
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On the come up we were listening to Grateful Dead and the music started passing through my bowel and out my arsehole as this violet stream of light. I shat music. It was beautiful.
Our singer's lyrics were total shit and he played the ****ing ukelele and it was just gaaaaaaaay (for lack of a better word)
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This thread is hilarious. I have been in a couple of bands, all of which consisted me, my bassist (and best friend) and either one or two other guys. At first, when we all blew ass at playing music altogether, it was just us being kids. Stupid kids. But fun nonetheless. My first serious band though (playing gigs, recording, etc.) was kick ass. I had made the transition from guitar to drums. I sucked but we had great chemistry together and would constantly write songs that we liked. It all was going well until our lead singer moved away. I was bummed. Years later I was asked to drum for another band which was fun too. We didn't get along quite as well as my last band but we toughed it out until just recently me and the bassist decided to call it quits because there was no love in for the music. It started to boil down to business, promoting, and no fun whatsoever. My philosophy in life is: if you ain't having fun and aren't getting paid for it then GTFO
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Jesus, it's always the bassist. I guess they really can only do downstrokes.

Uh, no. We can pop and slap too. Also while we're playing bass.
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It's you
we really sucked. we could play and write well together, both guitarists were actually very good. we were very unproductive when we got together and our jams would turn into drunk shitstorms. eventually people moved away to school etc. we always had fun with it but mainly we just werent that good So you can make fun of my taste in music
Youtube So you can make fun of my videos
Analysis of members:

I sucked at guitar and wasn't very confident in my playing.
The girl was talented
The drummer was too, we had chemistry in jamming
the bassist forgot all his notes and could barely ****ing play
the singer wanted to play pop covers all of the time

basically we played a big show and it just sort of died.
they died
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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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Drummer and Bassist left to make Dubstep.

you're a stone fox
We only got together because we were the only musicians around, but it turned out we had pretty different tastes.
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when I die of a brain aneurysm I want it on record that its the film threads fault

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the singers sucked. the drummer was too busy flirting with the female vocalist.

The bass player insisted on singing too.

all htose could have been worked through, but the deal breaker was that the other guitarist wouldn't get rid of his line6 spider 2.
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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
First band broke up because the other guitarist was doing his Masters at Uni, the bassist was moving to Australia, and the drummers mum had cancer issues so he wanted to focus on that

My second band that I was in, broke up after I left, but not because of me leaving. A few weeks after I left, the other guitarist decided that it might be a good idea to have sex with the vocalists pregnant girlfriend. YAY!! Also the bassist broke his elbow after running into a parked car. A year and a bit later the band is reforming however with a different line-up

A band I'm in now (Stormforge, albeit temporarily) used to be called Vallum Incendium. Initially that band went on hiatus/broke up for "creative" reasons, but I think humongous egos were the real reason they broke up, and a severe case of Dunning/Kruger syndrome, along with amusia. Its called Stormforge now with only the guitarist remaining from VI
oh wait i forgot my other one

Guitarist 1: Shredded really sloppy, guitar wanking
Guitarist 2: Just started playing and learned tremolo, turns out he didn't have a guitar
Guitarist 3: Had his dad's acoustic, knew a few chords and that was it
Singer: Couldn't sing
Drummer: couldn't drum
Bassist: I didn't have a bass
Pianist/Bassist/Guitarist 4: didn't have a bass, couldn't play piano
my rhythm guitarist was nearly brain dead and kept kicking out the other members of the band (except for me, for some reason) and replacing them with other people we knew so we never actually did have a steady drummer/lead guitarist, also the singer tried to sue us cause he didn't want us to use his stupid band name after we kicked him out to replace him with the gutiarist's brother

She's so pretty in her casts
The prettiest thing I've ever seen
I only get to hold her when she's injured
I only get to kiss her where she's sore
^^ Why'd you have that many people?
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^^ Why'd you have that many people?

at one point the band consisted of two lead vocalists, three guitarists (one of the lead vocalists played guitar also), 1 bassist (me), a keyboardist/synth player, and a drummer

She's so pretty in her casts
The prettiest thing I've ever seen
I only get to hold her when she's injured
I only get to kiss her where she's sore
singer would always have who he was dating be bass player, he would just teach her to follow the root note every song. they would leave during practice to have le sexy time... i hated it....
My current band (my username, with a space between the words ) has been going since around 2000 (not with me in it... I joined in '07), though there have been a fair few line-up changes, but the best story I can offer is the band I was in at school, which broke up when I was 16...

Broke up because the bass player wanted to form a christian rock band, so he took the drummer and other guitarist off to form a worship band, and I'm not bitter about it (we were only a covers band, though we'd started writing original material) but it's gotta be one of those Spinal Tap-style breakups that sound so unexpected for a rock band

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My second band that I was in, broke up after I left, but not because of me leaving. A few weeks after I left, the other guitarist decided that it might be a good idea to have sex with the vocalists pregnant girlfriend. YAY!! Also the bassist broke his elbow after running into a parked car. A year and a bit later the band is reforming however with a different line-up.

Sounds like you left at the right time... did you have to perform with their care workers on stage, to stop them injuring themselves with their instruments?
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We had the same problem with our bassist, except for we needed him to tune to drop E. We now play without a bass guitar in our music.

I'm starting a band with some guys and this guy I know who wants to be my bass player actually is going to restring his only bass to tune it to Drop A.
Its really hard finding people who can tune as low as you wantto hahahha
We sucked so I left. I was great friends with all three of them but I just didn't want to be in a shitty band. Currently in a slightly-less shitty band with the guitarist.
Most recent band - Drummer did too many drugs, thought we could all tour when the rest of us have full-time jobs and we couldn't take enough time off from work. Booked us at a few shows that just sucked (drugged up sound guys), had no promotion and were out of the way to most people we knew would usually show up for us.

Band before that - Only me and the singer had enough time + dedication to devote to writing and showing up to jam together. That and finding a competent drummer was too difficult and things just fizzled out but we're all still good friends.

In high school - Drummer became increasingly flaky over the few years we played together. Other guitarist and bassist wanted to replace our singer, but I wasn't really happy about that. Then our drummer just stopped showing up altogether and I quit shortly thereafter. I was also getting much more interested in metal at the time which wasn't our style.

Bad luck with drummers, man...
Guitarist/bassist was living under my house after being kicked out from his home by his alcoholic father.

He always wanted to be the leader of the band but couldn't be, because I was better than him, had more ideas, etc.

So the guy got all pissy, turned the band against me, then ran away from my home. The band disintegrated just like that. A week later my house got egged. Gee, I wonder who did that.

He went on to continue with the band and found the band much more important than our friendship, or the very fact that I kept a roof over his head.

Fast forward to now, and his band has broken up, he has no direction in life, works minimum wage, and I'm more than halfway through my degree looking to set myself up financially.

Karma, bitch.
We never really agreed on a genre so after our one show it was just a casual occasionally meet up and share ideas thing (we were all friends prior to the band) and it was never all four of us in the same room by that point. Then I moved which killed it. The drummer and bassist are in a new band together though and we all still contact each other (me from long distance via text messaging mostly).
Prior to leaving highschool I was in about 10 different bands. I say different but it was always the same 3 people and a random dude (singer). We kept starting new bands either to change genre or name or wtv. We weren't that good anyway...played twice completly drunk and that was about it, we didnt even have a set list and played for 2 hours, thats how bad it was.

After that I got into a more serious band about 2 years ago. They were already around for a couple years but the bass player had to leave because he had some serious insomnia and drug related shit. About a year ago we broke up because the guitarist/singer moved away to work. We actually tryed to make it work with 3 people but the lead guitarist just developed some freaky mental illnesses due to drug abuse/drug treatment. Dude just spaced out or started sobbing and left rehearsals for no reason.

Joined another band now, seems to be going well.
Hey Im Looking For Some Tech Death Metal In D

try anything form avenged sevenfold

I lol'ed.

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inb4 everyone else, well played
The drummer expected me and the other guitarist to write Nickelback style shit. We expected the drummer to keep up with Megadeth style shit. We only formed because we knew each other in school.
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My bass player was one of the West Memphis Three

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To quote Granddad, "I think ALL marriage should be illegal."

[quote="'-[NiL"]-'] I asked him what tuning he put it in and he replied, "seventh."

Started with drummer, lead singer, and me, was pretty cool for a while so we got a bassist.. Then our singer turned out to be a bitch, the bassist and I hated her, our drummer was obsessed with her. It got kinda awkward so she left, and without a singer, we sank too.

Now we got a new singer, she's way better, and things are going good again.
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