Hey there! I'm Jeremy, and this is my first real post, I guess! So hi!

So I'm a huge fan of Guthrie, and I remember reading that he used to work at McDonald's until he sent in a transcription of a Shawn Lane solo to a guitar mag and he got a job there as a transcriptionist. Well, I decided I might try and do the same (currently a college student working at Frisch's... quite possibly the worst job in the history of bad jobs). I'm currently working on a complete transcription of Guthrie Govan's Erotic Cakes, track 2 off of Erotic Cakes (Cornford Records, 2006).

I have pretty good perfect pitch, so the transcription is coming along swimmingly. When it's done, is that something you guys might be interested in me posting here? I don't know how many Guthrie fans there are out there...

Anyway, hello again, and happy holidays!