Hi, i want a cheap (no more than 400 dollar) small keyboard, for stuff like live use with my "prog" metal band (im mainly a guitarplayer, but we need stuff like that too). I have looked at the microkorg, but its juts synthsounds, and im looking mostly for more natural, orcestra, keyboard/organ, ambient, experimental sounds and stuff like that. What shuld i look into? For studio, i use midi, so it would just be for live sometimes and writing music. I had no idea where to post this btw.
get a midi controller and a solid DAW, probably on the easier end of things. or hell, just have a pre-programmed set on a laptop ran to the FOH.
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What is fho? How do you keep the playback in sync? Also, i dont want anything involving computers, this is only a little keyboard getting played somtimes live. I want it as easy as possible! Its better to have something super-easy like the microkorg, just with right sounds.