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I'm window shopping for a squeaky cleans amp, like a Fender Twin Reverb. Now, they're a little bit on the expensive side, so I'm wondering what else is out there. I would one day be using it as more of my jazz/rock amp (clean to some overdrive tones).I would want to A/B/Y it with my Engl, and also be run my pedal board (see below) through it as well.

Most likely buying new. (Inb4 buy a used Fender Twin.)

Budget: ~$1300.

Any suggestions guys?
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i found my solution. Music Man HD212 130w. they are harder to find than a twin. they are hybrid with a SS preamp and a tube power amp (mine has a tube PI) but most of them had solid state (right word???)phase inverter.

it is a little cleaner than a twin, it is more organic than a JC120. if you get the volume really up there you get nice natural tube overdrive, but its loud as hell.

one thing that i really like is that the 65 watt mod is much closer to half as quiet in comparison to 130.

the cleans are great, has good trem and reverb, I paid $425 for mine in pretty good shape, recapped and new tubes.

here is a pic of it. the only downsides are that its a little on a heavy side, i don't have a problem, but if you had to go up three flights or stairs and over may cause some fatigue.

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A brand new '65 Fender Twin Reverb RI in Canada is $1449.99 and your budget is $1300?

Save up for an extra month?
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Buy a used one.
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shop around and get a used silverface, I had mine for less than a grand. don't let the things blackface snobs say about silverface amps, they're perfectly fine amps, and if you truely want blackface sound i've heard it's a pretty simple job to mod it to blackface specs
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
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Quote by AWACS
Most likely buying new. (Inb4 buy a used Fender Twin.)

Budget: ~$1300.

Well you really should consider buying used, you could easily find a twin priced well under your budget. You could probably still afford one of the Twin reissues if you must buy new. Not sure about prices in Canada, but they are listed at $1350 in the US. If that's still a stretch, maybe try to grab a b-stock/refurb.

Traynor YCV 50 would be another option, great cleans/overdrive.
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shop around and get a used silverface....

Yup. what he said. Get yourself an old 135 watt Silverface Twin and it'll be so clean you'll die. Mine can sound clean when it's loud. How much is one up by you? I see them for $650-700 USD often enough, sometimes as low as $600.00.

A good thing to keep in mind is that there'll always be someone who can fix it. When newer amps' manufacturers discontinue a model, sooner or later the PC board becomes unavailable and then you're screwed. My bass player has a 10-12 year old amp that's inop and he cannot get a board for it.

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Since you're in Canada, how about a Traynor YCV50B? But I'd do as others have said and pick up a used Twin Reverb. You should be able to find one in your price range rather easily.
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i think the traynor YCV80 is a straight up twin clone.

pretty sure of it actually.
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Quote by trashedlostfdup

i got 3 of those things. killer amps for the money.

i also have a blackfaced '69 twin i got for 800 bucks. i'd prefer either a music man or an updated silverface over a RI twin.
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