Been listening to quite a bit of music with lots of fingerpicking recently (Andy McKee, certain Fleetwood Mac songs, Dire Straits, Black Keys for a few examples) and am really interested in developing my fingerpicking skill. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any exercises or songs for me to try and learn to improve?

Just to add I'm an incredibly mediocre player, (can play Needle and the Damage Done, Stairway to Heaven (minus solo atm), but they're probably the most technical songs I can play currently) so relatively simple stuff to begin with would probably be most helpful.

Thanks very much
I'd maybe look at some folk and classical guitar stuff since that's strictly fingerstyle. Justinguitar.com also has a section on fingerstyle.

Start with just the treble strings, alternating picking with your index and middle finger. Use your thumb for the bass strings and you could play a chromatic scale like that. That'd be a good place to start just to get used to the feeling of using your fingers and going from using your thumb to your fingers.
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Been looking at justinguitar.com and it looks really helpful, thanks. Do you know much about his Practical Music Theory booklet he sells? Just wondering if it was worth buying...

Unfortunately no, I haven't bought anything from his site. If you're interested in theory, a lot of people here have mentioned musictheory.net, but I have yet to take a detailed look at it. At first glance it looks really good though. Some people have also recommended Music Theory for Guitarists by Tom Kolb, which I'm going through right now. It's pretty good and you can find it online for about $15 paperback.
Ah thanks very much. I'd heard a few people mention that book before actually so will have a look online. Is it suitable for people who've never done any theory before?
Yes, very. It starts out with teaching the notes all the way up the neck and the basics of reading music and tabs. From there it goes into scales, chord construction, modes, etc. Every musical term it throws at you is defined and it has the occasional quiz to do a quick recap and apply what you just read.
Anything justin puts out is amazing. Great teacher and a stand up guy, seriously.
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