Hi all,
I live in Ireland, and I want to get my hands on a cap for my next project, ideally it should be at least 17,1/2 X 9 X 3/8 inches.
I don't mind too much on the species, so long as it looks decent. And the cheaper the better!
Thanks in advance.

Surely I'm not the only person in Ireland into guitar building and on this site?
How about decent European shipping rates even?
Do you have any specialty lumber stores that sell exotic lumber in your area?

You can also check with local cabinet/furniture makers

Ebay is also a place to look.
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I don't, except a lumber yard/joinery that I went to for my last build. Got absolutely stitched for a 2-piece ash blank. Cost 140 or thereabouts I think! Plus they said that they would never do anything under an inch thick, something to do with stability and 'cupping'.

I thought of Ebay, but I'd be wary of the shipping costs there, and also I won't be buying anything until April/May, so it's not particularly reliable.. They also seem not to have a huge amount, or any, caps. As in less than an inch thick. Which is a waste for me, considering I need only half that, max.
Yeah, I was young and ignorant then.. all of a year and a half ago!

Thanks for the reply though, answered pretty much everything I was looking for exactly. I'll assume that the UK and Ireland are fairly similar in this sense!
Send a E-mal to Chris Larkin Guitars ...he'll be able to give you some advice on buying wood in Ireland G'luck
Well, as you seem to have been bumped by a New Jersey furniture sales bot, I'll chip in with this...

I got a couple of nice, figured caps from Oregon Wild Wood for 124USD including shipping plus £23 import duty. That works out at about £50 each, which I don't think is a bad price, and they're far superior to anything I could find over here. They were extremely helpful throughout, but watch out for their website - it'll keep you occupied for hours.
Not sure if TS is still looking at this thread, but I know of a few decent eBay sellers when it comes to instrument building timber.

Try "Prime Timbers" and "Sherwin Timber".