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Looking for a decent pair of headphones, I want them for guitar playing as my amp has a headphone jack. I don't do any recording right now but I want something that I can use for music from my ipod computer etc. as well. Say under $100 but as cheap as possible, i'd prefer wireless but I'll do wired if I have to
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Theres a headphones thread, just search "Headphone Thread". It doesn't show up if you search "Headphones" which I think is dumb, but I guess we have to live with it.
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If you're in the US most chain department stores carry wireless headphones for about $25. The sound quality isnt all that great but if you're practicing and just wanna hear the notes, it works well... and wirelessly. Generally, good sound quality comes with a wire though.
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be weary of wireless headphones though, you'll more than likely run into an issue with lag.
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Radio waves travel pretty quick these days.

The sound quality is sometimes crap with the cheaper ones but I doubt you're going to get lag.
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yeah pretty fast but not quite fast enough for actual live guitar playing
with an mp3 you'd never notice it
at least newer models all tend to be digital and will have latency
older headphones that run FM shouldn't have any but the sound quality will be bad
i doubt anyone would want to spend $100ish for headphones with low sound quality
but if that doesn't matter then just make sure it runs FM.
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I have been playing with wireless headphones for several years with a Pandora's Box or my Spider amp.They don't break up to bad when you are close to the receiver/charger stand,but I prefer them over ones that unplug or rip off your head if you move wrong.Mine are getting old,every now and then I pick up telephone conversations when I turn on my amp.I also like to listen to songs I'm learning over and over a few times,and these allow you to move about freely while listening.I would get good ones though,I don't know what mine cost,they were a gift.
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I...I still don't think that lag is going to happen. It's a pretty simple A/D/A conversion like any digital stompbox, and the radio signal is functionally instantaneous. There should be no discernible delay at all. This would be like saying that a digital reverb pedal has lag.
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I would be like saying a wireless guitar transmitter has noticable lag.

If those had noticeable lag, you literally couldn't play with one live, as everyone would be out of synch with the drummer and/or singer