I have a Midnight Wine Fender MIM Standard Strat that I've had on Craigslist for some months now. My uncle gave it to me a few years ago, so it has some sentimental value, but he also gave me another guitar which I love and will keep forever.
I already have a MIM HSS Strat of my own that is sort of my main guitar, and I have a SSS strat copy. I never really get around to playing this Midnight Wine one, it's really just a spare.
Just today, I've gotten an offer for an LP copy plus some cash. The copy is branded at all, the headstock is blank, so I can't look into it or anything. I've never had an LP though.

Taking into consideration all of the above, would you:
A. accept the trade
B. keep the strat
C. lower the asking price and wait for the right offer (it's at 350$ right now, it's pretty much like new condition wise, even though age wise it's a few years old. It just literally doesn't get touched...)

I'm just looking to far into this I think and need some outside opinions.
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For $350 you can find a pretty good LP copy if you want one. Rondo sells AL-3000s new for less than that. Unless it's MIJ, I wouldn't recommend it.
personally I'd keep the strat at $350 and wait for the right offer... sometimes it takes 6 monthes to a year to get the price you want.
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personally I'd keep the strat at $350 and wait for the right offer... sometimes it takes 6 monthes to a year to get the price you want.

This, sounds like you already have a couple guitars...who's to say the LP copy isn't just going to sit untouched as well, wait for the cash, then use it for something you'll actually use.
You could always be that one guy, invite him over, play the guitar and decline his offer.

Or go through with it.
I wouldn't do it.

In the UK we have gumtree, and a lot of it is done like ebay with couriers etc.

I sold a phone the other day on eBay. Postage only. The guy wanted to come and see it first before he paid even though he had already won the auction. When I said no, he was a bit of a dick about it.

I don't like people coming to my house when they are bidding on stuff. They can see other stuff I own and especially, like this guy, when they just aren't able to follow clear instructions it throws up alarm bells.

On here people are always saying they sold stuff on Craigslist and they went to someone's house or someone came to theirs.

**** that. People are weird.
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Unless the offer was the LP + $350 I would skip on it.

An Unbranded guitar is next to worthless if you cannot prove what is is.

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in ny most MIM strats sell closer to 300.

and no i would not bother with the no name lp.

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