Hey guys, I just released my debut CD "Confessions" recently and want some feedback from UG! I've lurked the boards for years now and I've learned a lot from this site both in the forums and tab section. Figured I'd share what I created as a result.

Sounds like a cross between Green Day and REM!

What's with the weird audio jump at around 1:00 in 'Repentance'?

The mixing is nice, vocals maybe a little bit overprocessed for an acoustic context but it sounds good. I don't like the effects on 'Wasted Year' one bit.

Nice release though, you should be proud of it. Good sounding album that's got an honest, ballsy acoustic feel.
Thanks for taking the time to check it out man!

I don't hear the jump you're talking about? What's it sound like haha

I know what you mean about the vocals being a bit overprocessed. I am keeping that in mind in future stuff for sure. And the effect on the chorus of Wasted Year is a bit strong, I agree.

Really appreciate all the opinions!