here is some new little thing i scratch-tracked in a few hours. i wanted to record something quick to take along on vacation for listening/analyzing the new mix and studio sound.

it's a mesh of old ideas and some improvising during the session.

seriously any feedback would be great, as long as it's genuine. i recently left/was kicked from my band and i've been really wondering what kind of direction i'll be moving musically. i feel that this is a good look into the sporadic and less mellow side of my music, but being meta-sporadic means that i'll do a lot of mellow stuff and other things in the mix without a doubt.

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Amazing! I can't believe you were kicked out of your band. The mix is great, too.
Mix is alright, but work on your synth tones.

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LuckyLu - Thank you! It's ok, I think everyone is ok with the band situation as it is so no problems! Also, the mix is a recent attempt, I'm glad you were digging it.. I've been taking it slow with EQ changes in zeroing in on the mix and I've since this made some moderate good changes to it, i think!

EpiExplorer - Hahah that's interesting to me, because i played keyboards primarily for a long time and spent so much time multi-layering the synth tracks, i didn't assume that synth tone would be the weak point. I think i was going for a sort of really basic or possibly nostalgic sequenced sound, but i appreciate the opinion and maybe i could try some new things!

Thanks for checking it out, both!
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