Hi All,

Just joined up; been using the site to find guitar tabs for quite a while!

I've done a search already on here, as well as an extensive search on Google, but can't find chords/tab for this song anywhere!

I want to learn to play "Looking down the barrel of a gun" on electric guitar.

It's originally by the Beastie Boys, but I particularly like a live cover of it by Senser.
The Senser cover can be found online, and was featured on a CD of covers they did called "Biting Rhymes")

So if any guitarists out there could listen to the song (particularly the live version by Senser, but original is also ok) and produce a tab or set of chords (including details of chord shapes), I would really appreciate it!

Am still learning guitar, and sadly, no matter how many times I listen to the song, I've no idea where to even begin in terms of learning to play!
Don't know power chords yet, but want to learn them.
Have played mainly acoustic, and figured out various songs on acoustic, but always feel totally lost when it comes to a lot of rock music (which I love)!

Ok, really hope you can help, and I look forward to giving back to the community once my own level has improved!

Thanks all!
Have tracked down a YouTube video of Senser playing it live, hope this helps.
There are only occasional glimpses of what the guitarist was doing, and it was pretty meaningless to me, but doubtless a more experienced guitarist could probably figure it out easily (if not from the music itself!)..
Hope this helps and REALLY hope someone will be able to help me out here!
A live transcription is going to have some inconsistency in patterns, because, well the guitarist is semi improvising sometimes. This is a transcription of the live recording but as some things are random because of this, I suggest you learn the "standard" way the riff is being played and not randomly mixing it up as in this case


Put on distortion. If you don't know how to palm mute, this is a good time to learn as it's a slow and easy song.
Pinch harmonics, will take some practice to get consistent. There should be content on how to do them in this forum and on youtube. Don't worry if you can't do them, it will still sound fine. Same goes for vibrato.
Power chords are easy and just played on 2 or 3 strings. There aren't that many until the end.
Hey, I'd given up on anyone replying! Just checked back and found your reply!
You are a legend, thanks so much!