I have no access to a group of rock muso's due to lack of time and lack of guitar ability so I have been playing Rocksmith as my band playing experience. In a short time my skills have come back to where they were 20 years ago and for some things they are better. (20 years ago I was okay on acoustic guitar and could hold a group of half drunk friends in a relaxed singing and instrumental performance.)

I am sticking to 'journey mode' in Rocksmith.
Now my questions. I seem to be able to qualify to play songs in a gig quite easily first or second play through – but certainly with no real mastery. I do make a point of playing each one at least 5 times to get to some level of competence before performing.

Is the game teaching me to just quickly learn stuff at a lower level – so in a band practice setting you can play along with the other musicians after being shown and practised once or twice only?

At higher levels in Rocksmith do you revisit the same songs again and have to play to a higher level to qualify for the next level of gig? If so I should probably keep slamming along through the half mastered songs knowing that I will be coming back to them with a chance to play them to a higher level in the future – when probably my skills will have naturally improved by playing the other songs.

The riff repeater section is excellent but clumsy to get to, and whilst a great way to learn riffs, it is kinda chunky to move to each of the other modes. And if you're having a problem with one short phrase not much help, as it makes you learn the whole section. Maybe I should use a set of tabs as well when studying these sections, then use accelerator to get up to speed.

Any suggestions what other people have found useful and effective to improve song mastery.
Does anyone have any routines they run to with the game.

My main 2 aims

1 Improve my general electric guitar skills to a high level, this seems to be working but I do not want to mindlessly practice being mediocre if you know what I mean.
2 Be able to play all the songs presented in Rocksmith to the full mastery level.
(Even though many of the songs I would not normally play or listen to – it is great fun thrashing out a heap of power cords really loud while some real rock dude's voice screams in the background.)

In short can can I relax knowing that I will be coming back to the songs later, or do I have to learn them now for myself to a higher level.
I understand many people have issues with Rocksmith, and I respect your opinion but for now please do not bother moaning if you do not like this game or you perceive problems with lag etc. I'm after information from people who play the game and enjoy it as a guitar learning tool.

Cheers and thank you in advance.

St John
No, you won't revisit songs. You have to go through the game again on a harder mode, but that's not that bad at all.

I really like Rocksmith. Good way to learn songs and get your chops up. Keep on having fun!
I really like this game (I play bass btw), but I like to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band as well. I'd recommend to get it for the PC, because there are already some custom songs available for it somewhere (I saw videos of a couple on YouTube).

As for the song-revisit: it's not like Career mode in GH games. You'll get random songs to play in Journey mode, so after a while you'll have to play them again. But after a while You'll have to make at least 90.000 points to qualify (or after some bad tries You can lower the score, but what's the point of that? ).
Thank you JustRooster and Tbone142.

Now I shall have to decide if to try and get through the whole thing 'quickly' on minimum qualifying - just to get a feel for it - there is a certain delight in coming back to songs you've already done. BUT I get so down when the crowd don't get rocking during a gig!!!! Those little avatars are quite motivating.

Maybe I'll stick with my 5 rehearsals and then go for it.
Anyone prepared to admit their Rocksmith tactics?

Cheers guys and gals.

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I have never been a gamer but want to try this one out. What system would it be best on?

I think its good on whatever system you play it on. I just happened to have access (sometimes) to the boys PS3. Remember you will need their special cable - so buy a complete game rather than downloading. Also I just got an extra cable so I can play multiplayer with my son, got this cable online - in Australia JB HiFi did a good deal.
Your odds of hitting a plateau are lower if you practice a variety of things, so completing the event as soon as you qualify all the songs would seem like a good idea. But if your REALLY, REALLY need to learn one particular song or if not completely mastering some songs is destroying the fun for you, feel free to slow down for a while. Just be ready to move on if you start to feel stuck.

As for which system to play it on, the XBox 360 is the most reliable bet. The PS3 has had some issues with hangs and crashes (apparently due to the limited system memory that's created problems for other multiplatform games like Skyrim) and some people have had compatibility issues on the PC.

On the other hand, the PC version performs much better (especially loading times), and there's the custom song tool that has already been mentioned.
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As you progress the sets will contain more songs. Also, if the song only required say 60k to perform the last time you saw it.. It could require up to the max this time around. 90k. I'm only like level 10 or 11 in the game while playing Journey Mode. I've bought a bunch of the content and still see it repeating itself quite a bit. I wouldn't stick around trying to master a song for the sake of the game or you'll quickly be stuck on 90k songs, at least 7 of them. Just play and have fun. Eventually you won't have a choice.

Hope this helps.