Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out whether its better to sing and play guitar in my kitchen or dining room, where there are better acoustics.

I am a progressing singer who still struggles to stay in key while singing in a room with no acoustics. Is this normal? Where is the proper place to practice singing while playing guitar? How do you do it?

Do all singers need some amount of acoustics in the room when they're practicing singing while playing, or good singers don't need any acoustics in the room?

I would really appreciate the help.

Are you saying you want the room to give you more back In terms of more early reflections? Or are you saying that you want a nicer sounding reverb in the room you play in? Your use of the word acoustics is a little vague.

Staying in key when singing is about listening to yourself carefully as you sing. I've never heard of the acoustic properties of a room having an effect on the singer staying in tune. Having some means of recording yourself is always useful, as well as singing scales. Better yet, a teacher would probably be the best thing for you. It sounds like you need to learn the limitations of your voice, as well as considering how you're using it, which a teacher would be able to do easily.

I definitely haven't covered everything, but hopefully these are some good starting points.
It's the first time I hear anyone mentioning a problem like this. If you can't sing in key you probably can't do it either in a room with good acoustics. Practice...
It's possible that you notice that you're off and self-correct faster in a room which reflects your sound back at you better - but that's not the same as being in key. It's just being out of key and fixing it faster.

It doesn't really matter where you practice - if you like the way you sound in one room, so practice more there, great. Recording is someting else. There are two distinct philosophies of recording.

One, the more modern one, quite frankly, is to record as "clean" as possible and add a room digitally. The more classic way is to record in a room that creates a sound you like. I prefer the later because I think we're influenced by the sound we hear coming back to us, but YMMV.
Thanks everyone. I appreciate your help. Now I know that I just have to keep practicing. Bassbros and Hotspur hit the nail on the head.

-Thanks guys