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Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / ect
107 72%
Happy Holidays
20 14%
A combination of both
21 14%
Voters: 148.
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Everyone in Ireland says Merry Christmas and no-one gives a shit.
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I say Merry Christmas because I celebrate Christmas. I wouldn't expect it to offend anyone, just as it wouldn't offend me if someone wished me a Happy Hanukkah.
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I will say merry christmas because I want to meet someone offended by me saying it so I can laugh at them.
I say Happy Holidays.

Then I go out and buy a Holiday tree. I take it back home and put decorations on it. I then relax while listening to Holiday music; songs such as "We Wish you a Happy Holiday" and "O Holiday Tree". And then, on Holiday morning, I open Holiday presents.
"Merry Christmas"

It's what I've always heard, so it's part of my mind.
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I'm very holiday specific...
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i don't say either really, but i also don't really celebrate christmas (or any related holiday at that time). i've consistently had way too many shitty things happen to me around that time, it's pretty much meaningless to me now. i don't even ask my family for stuff or anything, they pretty much force it on me now

i guess if i do say something it's merry christmas. happy holidays sounds kind of weird to me.
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I actually said "have a good christmas" to this dude I talked to in math class this semester and he said he doesn't believe in christmas.
I work in retail so I say happy holidays not because I'm supposed to but just because it's easier. It's not xmas yet so it'd be weird saying merry christmas. It just makes more sense to say happy holidays cause it's like thee general period of time
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