Hello there :>, I'm new to this forum and new to playing in overall.
I started learning how to play a guitar around 3 monthes ago, I'm having lots of fun playing what I learned, but I want to keep practicing, for now we're making some theoretical part, so I'm not learning new songs right now,.

I entered here and looked up for songs I wanted to learn - Lonely Day, Sweet Dreams, Smells Like teen spirit, Daytripper - and more very known songs.
most of the songs I here are rather complicated for me right now,
wondered if you have any suggestions for easy songs I can learn to improve

Thank you very much!
Those songs you listed are pretty straightforward. Just practice.

Everything is easy at 20 beats per minute. One of the first songs I started working on was Jason Becker's Altitudes. The secret is just to go slowly.
The first song i ever learner was Let it be- The Beatles. Really easy song with basic open chords. If you want something with a little picking try Enrique Iglesias's Hero or if you are aiming for something more ''rock'' then try Fear of the Dark-Iron Maiden or Can't Stop- Red hot chili peppers. After some practice you will realize that even the songs you listen are very easy to play.