alright, so i searched around the net and couldnt find anything.
basically, i was working with effects in the bus channels in S2.0 and everything was going great. then i tried going for the ambiance channels. so i sent them to go through a bus with just a little bit of compression, a filter, and some eq and now i cant hear the drums at all. i get the little blue bars under each mic lighting up, so i know it's registering the midi data... but it's like i get no output from it.

im using it in reaper, btw. to me it seems more of a problem there...
but i dont understand why this happened now with the ambiance/room mic channels and not with any of the others?

i've tried muting the ambiance channels and removing it from the bus.

also, if i load up any of the premade Toontrack presets, i get sound no problem.

...anyone know what could be going on here?

edit: to clarify, i get no sound whatsoever from superior with my preset. it's not just the ambiance mics.
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