The title says it all. New, the guitar was $749.99 and the case was another $100. I'm only asking $600, but the price can be negotiated. I'm willing to ship as long as you are.

For trades, I'm looking for other 7 strings (Schecter, Jackson, Agile), and a few 6 strings (SG's, Jackson). I'm looking for neck through/set neck guitars with a super strat shaped body style, unless it's a form of SG. Also looking for amp heads; Peavey 5150 II's/6505+'s, XXX's/3120's and Ultra 120/120+, Marshall DSL/TSL, Bugera 5150 clone (can't remember the name), and 4/5 string basses (open towards the basses).

Guitar is in good condition (8.5/10) with a few paint nicks here and there. Guitar has strap locks (strap button was moved from the side of the neck joint to the back to let the guitar sit more evenly), new black metal dome knobs, and fret inlay stickers. Originally had no fret inlays, but bought the stickers to add looks to the guitar. They're removable and won't leave a residue. Case has seen its better days but it still does its job well.


Mahogany body with red quilted maple top
Mahogany set neck
Ebony fretboard
25.5" scale
24 frets
EMG 707's
Floyd Rose tremolo
Locking Nut
3-way toggle
Grover tuners







Any interest in trading for a Schecter C-7 Plus?

Not my guitar, but it's the same color/specs:

8.5/10 condition, no rings around the pickups.
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Thanks, but I'd rather have something from the hellraiser or sls series.
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I have a Jackson DKMG in trans red, possible trade?
If I'm not mistaken, it's a bolt-on neck right? I was going to put it in the original post but I forgot and can't edit the OP but I'm looking for something neck through preferably, or set neck at least. If it was one of those though I would totally trade because it is one sexy guitar.

Thanks though!
Yep, will do! I love 7 strings, but like I said.. the explorer shape isn't for me so I'm looking for something else. I really like the dkmg, but if only Jackson made them neck through lol. I'll pm you if no one comes through
PRICE DROP to $525, and I'm covering shipping as well (in case it wasn't clear in the OP). Talk to you all next year, have a good one!
im interested, have epiphone prophecy les paul.....
Electro Metal???