I won an auction on eBay a couple of days ago, did not expect to get it this soon.
Very excited though.
Here ya go!
Warning: Bad shakey hand pictures.

After actually opening the box, here's a seemingly brand new case!

All right.. Ibanez S series?

Mmm.. I love it.

So pretty..

I love the S series thin body.

Obligatory family shot with my Agile 8 string and my Dean acoustic.

My cat seems to enjoy the bubble wrap it was packaged in.

I've only had time to play it for about 30 minutes, due to finals week and my work schedule.
But it plays amazingly.
The nicest guitar I've ever owned.
Could use some strings, but will get those soon enough!
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I really wish I played more technical metal so that I could justify to myself to buy that guitar.
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That's my favorite one out of all the S series. Congratz!

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I've always loved that finish. Nice!!
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love it...looks great, kitteh seems to approve as well
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What pickups are you planning to put in it?
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Tasty. But I think I'm still a little more biased towards my S620. HNGD!
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