Hi there, I'm looking for some easyto play punk songs. If you know any, feel free to share them with me.
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all of them?

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Green Day - Basket Case
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
Misfits - Last Caress
Buzzcocks - Ever fallen in love

As starters, I do agree with Perplexing and Tsar66, Punk was not particularly about structured, complex scales, chord progressions and effect, it was about dirty, anti-establishment angst, do yourself a favour, learn them by ear, not by tab
Anything by Offspring is pretty easy. You could probably learn their entire discography in a day or 2 if you wanted to.
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All of th... yeah.

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Anything by Malmsteen, he was punk to the core.
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Anything by Malmsteen, he was punk to the core.

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Any song by green day, most of their stuff is all 3 chord progression and thats it. Welcome to Paradise, American Idiot, Know Your Enemy.
most Nofx stuff is pretty easy. I learned the better part of "So long and thanks for all the shoes" album in an evening or two. Linoleum/ Longest line/ Desperations gone and many many others

Blink 182, Greenday (especially older stuff by either) is, sometimes quick, but fairly basic on the whole. Chesire cat (Blink album) was pretty easy to learn.

Rise against - not sure if you'd consider "Punk" but have some easy songs - blood red, white and blue/ Black masks and Gasoline / Unravelling - to state a few
Thanks for the help guys. And thanks to the guys who said 'all songs' formaking me looklike an idiot
Blink-182 have a couple good ones of their Chesire Cat album. Well, they were fun to d*ck around with back in the day.