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Trying this again!
I do vocals and I'm looking for some people to start up a good melodeath project.
Bands like Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, In Flames, Gates Of Ishtar, Scar Symmetry, Kalmah, Amorphis, Arsis, Hypocrisy, Wintersun, Dissection, Nightrage, Be'lakor, Insomnium, Agonize, The Absence and the list goes on are influences of mine.

I'm looking for someone to handle guitars and someone to handle drums/and or programming. I'd like to take it as serious as an internet project can possibly be and want to put out quality stuff.
If you are interested in this respond on here or email me at
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I'd be interested in programming, and I could do drums once I get *coughdownloadcough* some plugins. I can also do any guitar and bass recording, but no major song writing (I can provide ideas and help out with these kind of things, though) since I'm extremely busy producing and writing material for my other projects.

By programming, I assume you mean electronic effects, keyboard parts, etc, right?

For everyone else reading, I'm available for any kind of project at all. I play and record guitar and bass, and I produce electronic music so I can handle my DAW well and provide programming. I'm into a lot of genres, so don't be afraid to ask just in case.
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If you need some help with the drum tracks, I can help you using Ez Drummer (with Drum kit From Hell)
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If it doesn't work out with those programmers I could lay some beats for you. Recordings in my profile are from using really shitty mics but now I have a mixer and good mics. I am a pretty good all around drummer. Can do blasting, breakdowns, fills.
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