South West Bangla is situated in the south west of Bangladesh. This area is delta most with hundreds of years of silt rations coming down from the riverGanges. So it is the gift of Mother Nature. The affluent rivers that crises-cross through these areas are the children of Age – oldGanges. The riverGangeshas a different aspect from other rivers of the world, which is, that it originates from highHimalayato the low lying lands of the south and creates deltas alongside through its journey to theBay of Bengal. The lands in the west are high but in the south it is low having fertility to grow crops and fruits of many kinds. The southern – west region is submerged in saline water most of the year and fishing is a major media for livelihood of the people abiding here. Long ago, the present population’s forefathers devoured the jungles named Sunderbans – the greatest Mangrove forest in the world, for cultivating crops and building residence.