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high, i was wondering how many of you had though about designing your own guitar, whether it is something insanely different or just a different paint scheme.
i have came up with a few theories for unusual guitars but i want to hear from others
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-sigh- Grammar nazi is kicking in..

*Hi *thought *ending a question with a question mark
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Yes actually, I live in the same town where Avalon and Lowden Acoustics are produced and one of the luthier's run a class to build your own.

Its going to be a mockingbird-esque shape, my own combination of hardware and a inlay the full length of the neck

What do you have in mind?
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Wow ExplorerBuilder they look beautiful
Yes Dash-rendar i know my spelling and grammar is bad, i believe i state so on my profile as a pre appolagy
Mark.Bark I live where it is that quite people don't even know what a Luther is, i Wouldn't have known if i had not done research on guitar building.
and to answer your questions, my guitar designs and concepts are wild and probably unlikely to achieve effectivly
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Meh, my Guitar is already a little unusual looking, and it's probably cheaper than it would cost me to buy all the materials to make one of a similar spec.
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yeah one of my guitar concepts could cost millions just for the research.
i was wondering if you could replicate wood grain, density, shape ect with carbon fiber technology, imagine having a incredibly light weight guitar, almost bullet proof, and wont have the problem of warping or the strings bending the neck, plus there is the possibility then to make the entire guitar body as a pick up
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I've been greatly inspired by Ola Strandberg lately. His designs are fairly abstract, but usually with some sort of ergonomic or tonal purpose. I'm currently trying to design something that's, attractive, unique, and best suited for play with the classical posture. So far it's proving to be a pretty big challenge.