Hey! I have a few questions...

First, I am a tech/extreme metal vocalist/rhythm guitarist that needs advice on a couple stuff. I've recently been getting back into the guitar, and I have to ask, is there anything that i should do to improve my technique?

Use of single note riffs (I can strech my hands well...)
chords based riffs
Alternate picking, though I need to practice it more...

Feedback, please!
A video would help, as we can't really tell you what to improve on if we don't know what you can do already.

Obviously as a rhythm guitarist your main focus is TIME, stay in time as best as you possibly can. As a metal guitarist you'll want your palm mutes to be as good as you can get them. Just some general tips, I don't know much more to say considering the post
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Yeah, i'm trying to get a track together...sorry about the lack of description.

and I can stay in time, even with odd times like 9/8 or 15/16...