Hi guys! Can you help me out if what model of Yamaha Pacifica is this? Or if this is Legit issue. Saw this from a free ads site here in our country and will buy it tomorrow, just wanna be sure first if this thing is for real.

The seller claims it was a Pacifica2 12VQM but i don't see any with the same model with gold hardware. Also he said that it was made in Taiwan

Just like what i'm thought, because of the 312 stamp on the headstock, do you know any 312 model with the gold hardware? I'm trying to search google but then found nothing.

The seller claims it all stock and none of the parts was replaced.

Do you think its legit? I can't see on clear view the serial number though.
Do a google image search, I'm seeing a bunch of pics of red 312's with gold hardware. Pretty sure it's legit, I don't think anybody is going to waste their time trying to fake a Pacifica.
Yeah ok dude, now I saw it. At first I was searching for a 212 that's the reason why I dont find any with gold hardware but now I saw also a Bunch. I'm going to buy it for around $100.

Is it a good guitar? I'm planning to play it more on blues, pop rock, blues rock. Do you think it an handle those genre?