Although I agree the thumbs up/down thing can turn some articles into a circus, I think putting a limit on them would heighten the problem as people would race to that limit - either up or down. They would see it as a goal to get to I reckon.

I do think something needs to be done about it though its horrible seeing so many people be so petty to each other and the downvotes thing only encourages people to be uncivil. It creates confilct though and websites like this (even though they would say they dont), rely on it to a certain extent.
Some forums have a system where any given user can only give so many upvotes/downvotes in an hour. Maybe like five to ten of either kind per hour? I don't really know whether enforcing this'll put strain on the UG servers or something because I just don't understand computers, but if that's not the case then why not try it out?
*insert trying-too-hard-to-be-ironic link to my crappy music here*
Chill out man, who gives a shit about the up/downvotes?? If youve got something to say, say it. otherwise just read the article and ignore the crud at the bottom of the page