I recorded a few covers (they are on my profile), to get some feedback on my mixing, etc. I am pretty new to home recording and these were recorded just to get some constructive feedback.

My wife does the vocals on Breed and Rolling in the Deep, and my youngest brother does the vocals on Who Knew. I used Reaper as my DAW, the drums were done with FL Studio and like 95% of the piano/string ensemble/etc. were done with MIDI and free VSTi's. I played the guitar and bass. I'm aware of the timing issues. Please give me some constructive feedback!

I would still like any feedback on my recordings...I know there are a lot of issues, so don't worry bout hurting my feelings.
Doesn't sound bad. Seems like the kick drum is way louder than it should be in comparison with everything else. It's kind of overpowering.
So far I've only got one comment here on my covers...so I'm thinking they are either so bad that it doesn't feel like fair game to snipe at me, or they are so mediocre there is nothing to say about them...