Hello everyone, I have a Jackson dinky guitar, i think model JS30, and I play a lot of megadeth's songs! I have standard jackson's pickups, but I want to buy some new stuff. What do you suggest?
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For Megadeth it is an easy choice. For the bridge pick up go for the Duncan JB. That is the pick up Dave Mustaine had on his Jackson's back in the day. It is also great for many other styles. It is very popular. It comes on a lot of mid and higher range Jackson's as stock.

In the neck you could go for a Duncan Jazz, as that is often paired with the JB.
Those pickups are not going to improve your sound much if your amplifier isn't at a decent level. Modulating amplifiers usually don't let different pickups shine as well as tube amps. For Megadeth sound you definitely want a tube amp.

And to mention, as a better platform for upgrading... If you really like your Jackson, you could go for a X series Dinky for a better sound to start with. Maybe it would be enough for the time being. If you count together the pickup and the base price of JS30, it isn't too much far away from Dinky X-series guitar.

However, you can try to find a Megadeth sound from your amplifier, especially if it's a modulating one. Practice with that, come better and have the feeling that you deserve better gear (or not, but you're bored with you current one)
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I have a Roland Cube 20xl.... I am just gonna make some money and I would like to spend them for my guitar! I forgot to mention that I would like to go to other styles like CoB. I am an intermediate guitar player, I understand that upgrading gear now is kinda early, but I have heard that if I change pickups my guitar is gonna "fly", also I always like to have good stuff, that's why I want to make this change! thnx for the replies... I see that the most of you say that ducan are the best choise... I'll wait for some other answers and I'll decide! How about EMG?