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So, I am a long timer lurker of this board and finally decided to make a profile to post on here and join the discussions on the forums. My first post is basically the biggest issue I have right now- my vocal style.

I am the lead singer of an indie rock band (think Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party..even get comparisons to the YeahYeahYeahs)....so that gives you a good idea of the sound. It's recently come to my attention, from a trusted and knowledgeable source, that the music and my voice are at odds. I've been told that it sounds as if the music was written out and mapped out accordingly and the vocals added on as an afterthought. My vocals are more along the line of Karen O meets Courtney Love, very gritty and raspy- there is a definitely an underlying punk sound there that I naturally produce and before this critique, I thought the vocals and sound matched well, but now when I really listen in, I feel like I should hear vocals that more speech talk versus belting. When watching live recordings, I cringe now that it all sounds so out of place- I don't want to completely change my vocal style, but I do want to continue with the band, and have my voice become another instrument in a cohesive sound versus an added on addition that distracts the listener.

Has anyone experienced this? Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.