Hello everybody,

I just posted another song on my band's youtube channel, comments, suggestions and likes are greatly appreciated

Give it some time, it starts out with synths (and I know how some UGers don't particularly enjoy synths) but it grows into something a little more gritty afterwards.

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I like noise! I wasn't too impressed by the intro but I really like the part from 0:35 and onwards, nice groove.
Then it just kept getting better and better, it's really an awesome progression. I do think you should throw a big splash of reverb on the piano around 1:00. The chaos around 1:30 is really nice and noisy.
The part from 1:50 - 2:20 is really amazing, seriously awesome. The guitar (harp?) later on and in the outro is beautiful. Awesome song! Do you have an account on Soundcloud? I'd like to follow you.

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