A while ago I posted that I had received a new LTD EC401 with an uneven neck. ESP support was great. They sent me a brand new guitar that they said was tested and found to be completely in spec.

When I received the new guitar one of the first things I noticed was that one of the volume pots stuck at about half turn and had to be forced to go the rest of the way. ESP offered to send me a new pot so when it came I had to pay to have it installed. The new one works, but it is very hard to turn compared to the other volume and tone pot.

So I have my volume pot working and begin to play when the more I play the more I notice a rattle coming from the guitar. I narrow the problem down to three of the bridge saddle screws. It is so bad that the sound is getting picked up through the amp, not to mention being able to feel the rattle in the guitar as I play. I notify ESP and they send me a new bridge.

Well, I installed the new bridge last week and began to play. I noticed a slight rattle coming from the saddle screws once again. Not horrible though. As soon as I intonated the guitar the rattle was even worse than the first bridge. If I would stick a small screwdriver on the screw the rattle would stop. I emailed ESP about this and this time they said they could either send me an old style bridge that has a scratch on it or I could just buy a Tone Pros bridge that should fix the problem. ESP service is great to deal with, but I am getting sick of all these problems.

Sound File of Rattle
^ While that sounds pretty good, I doubt it'd be viable. Try a different bridge. If it persists, email ESP and tell them.

Then buy a new guitar.
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The thing that's strange about this is that the saddle is vibrating when the string itself is physically forcing it downwards into the bridge from the string tension. If the saddle is being pressed against the bridge from the tension, how would it be able to move by vibrating?

The only possible thing it could be is that the intonation screw is vibrating as it's not fitting snugly inside the hole in the bridge that the screw goes through.
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