As the title says im looking to trade my rig!

Jet City Picovalve 5w Tube head
412 Harley Benton Vintage cabinet

Cost me just under £500 about 3 months ago, looking to trade flat out, no extra cash, and tube only please!
I paid £160 so I'd be looking to sell for about £120.. It's virtually new, I've used it maybe 5 or 6 times for an hour each as a bedroom practice. It didn't occur to me how massive it'd be for a 5 watt head..

Not sure how much shipping would cost, though?
also willing to split / trade individual parts!

also have a pod 2.0.. looking to trade fora boss me-50!
Why did you get a 412 with the picovalve?

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Lmao, at the time it was bought because I'm still planning on buying a 50/100w head.. But that plan has been delayed so now I'm stuck with something that's ridiculously large for what I use it for.

Flawed purchase, very flawed.

However, it is a really good sounding cabinet considering.